Pre-sale Property Survey

Pre-sale Property Survey – To Inspect Damp Problems

It is a requirement of the Estate Agents Act 1979 that estate agents disclose any known structural issues to potential purchasers. If a property suffers from damp or timber defect, this must be disclosed. If the property is found to have existing issues that have not been disclosed, the new owners can take legal action against the estate agent. This is why it is common practice for estate agents to request a damp survey and report to ensure that there are no undisclosed issues.

To prevent these problems, we provide a pre-sale property damp survey. One of our qualified surveyors, specializing in identifying and treating any damp related problems, will visit the property and provide a full report of any damp together with a quotation for a complete guaranteed solution.

water services yorkshireThis means that even if damp is detected in the home buyer’s report the sale of your property can still proceed smoothly backed by additional information from recognized industry experts.

Why should I have a pre-sale property survey?

Your property is your investment, so if you are about to put your property on the market for sale then it is important to know what condition your property is in.

It is important that you know the full extent of any dampness or structural damage problems with a property before you buy it. Our pre-sale surveys will help you to establish the extent and cost of repairs, so that you can make an informed decision.

Damp being detected in a property through a homebuyers’ survey is clearly very off-putting to potential buyers or consequently leave the property selling at a lower price than initially valued. This is a time-consuming and frustrating process for both the agent, vendor and purchaser.

If you suspect damp in your property or feel that you need to have the property checked before selling or purchasing, why not call us for a pre-sale property survey carried out to eliminate any potential surprises further down the line!

We have specialist damp surveyors based all over northern England, who are ready to inspect any problem areas of your property and then compile a detailed report on the findings. This includes an analysis of the cause, possible repairs and a quotation for treatment. All our pre-sale property damp surveys include photographic evidence, and we can also produce an easy-to-understand estimate for your prospective buyer.

Following Your Request for A Damp Survey, We Will:

  • Call you to arrange for one of our expert damp surveyors to visit your home or property at a time convenient for you.
  • We’ll visit your property, carry out an inspection and issue you with an independent assessment report, often on the same day.

We provide all of our clients with a 20 year written guarantee on all work carried out.

We’re happy to work directly with your estate agent or solicitor as necessary and will do everything we can to make sure your sale goes through as quickly as possible. Call us to book a damp survey

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