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Rising Damp TreatmentTimber is a type of wood used for construction purposes. It is processed into beams and planks, which are very important construction elements. However, timber is weak against damp, fungi and wood-boring beetles. To solve this problem, Damp2Dry Solutions offers a wide range of wood treatments to protect the timber of your property.

Due to Covid19, we follow all Government guidelines and make sure we still provide timber treatment in homes and commercial premises. We take all precautions with regards to social distancing and the use of shielding equipment.

Get in touch with our timber treatment expert team, CSRT Certified and allow them to assist you in determining the best course of action to prevent timber problems while remaining safe. Just call us on 0148 436 7130 or click on the contact menu or request a survey.

We are DPA (Damp proofing Association) and IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety) Certified. Our Damp and Timber treatment work comes with a 20-years guarantee backed with extra peace of mind.

Timber Repairs

Most properties in the UK incorporate structural and decorative timber and, they all are capable of getting damaged by woodworm, woodlice and fungal decay.

But you need not worry, Damp2Dry Solutions has over 25+ years of experience and, provides every possible solution to bring this structurally sound conditioned timber back. Moreover, we repair and replace timber when it is severely affected by woodworm and wood rot.

Does your property require timber repairs?

Timber repair is common when your property is affected by damp problems such as wet rot, dry rot or infestation with wood-boring beetles. Usually, we need to replace such affected timber with new healthy timber, bolted steel flitch plates or using epoxy resin repairs to splice new and existing timber.

Another way to treat this type of timber problem is to first cut out the affected timber and then apply a fungicide to the exposed areas. Finally, we set up new timber to replace the decayed timber.

Timber Repair Solutions

At Damp2Dry Solutions, our experienced surveyors and specialists aim to protect your property from every timber problems and so they will maintain the best aesthetic quality of your property via various timber repair techniques like replacing timber, treating with chemicals or using epoxy resins.

We provide timber repair solutions for

  • Rotten joist ends and, beam ends
  • Damaged carrier beams
  • Rot/insect-damaged wall plate
  • Broken or cracked beams

We have multiple timber repair solutions to strengthen the beams and rectify rotten joist ends, beam ends, carrier beams and wall plates.

Damp2Dry Solutions Timber Gel

A partly decayed timber can be restored to sound timber using a paste or gel treatment. Damp2Dry Solutions timber gel is made of a thick emulsion containing fungicides and has the property of penetrating deep into the timber structure, which protects the timber from fungal decay and wood-boring beetles.

It is important to remove any source of moisture causing decay and together with achemical treatments to prevent fungal problems forever.

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Epoxy Resin Repairs

Epoxy resin is a non-porous waterproof fluid, having superb adhesive properties and mechanical strength, used for repairing and strengthening timber. It also helps in providing an exact needed structure as it can easily take shape in various forms. Epoxy resins are not affected by woodworm or fungal decay.

Damp2Dry Solutions’ professionals are expert in using epoxy resin to repair and upgrade decayed timbers.

Use of Epoxy Resins

Epoxy resins are used for

  • Repairing damaged beam, wood rot affected timber, insect attacked timber, cracked or sagging joists
  • Strengthening floors for increased weight bearing
  • Filling cracks and splits
  • Joining timbers

Epoxy Resin Repairs for affected Structural and Cosmetic Timber

Wet rot, dry rot or woodworm affected beam ends, implanted in masonry walls have been affected because of moisture absorption. These degraded beam ends can be repaired using a “timber slice” epoxy resin bonded with supplementing rods. This timber treatment ensures restoration of the original strength and prevent futuresoaking of water into the timber.

For cosmetic timber repair, “moulding putty” epoxy resin mortar is used, as it can be shaped, smoothed with sander, grained and then colored to form a superior quality cosmetic structure which is equal to the quality of the original timber.

Epoxy Resin Repairs Are Economical

Epoxy resins fixes damaged timber in a very short time at a low cos because it removes the need for traditional bolt-on steel flitch plates.

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Wood Rot

Wood rot is an inclusive word for dry rot and wet rot. At Damp2Dry Solutions, we offer timber treatments for both dry rot and wet rot.

Wood Rot Treatment

Wood rot is a tooth-ache for the majority of properties. If not treated appropriately, the fungus decay timbers in the home and can also lead to structural failure.

Before deciding the best way to rectify wood rot problems, first get clarity on whether your property is affected by dry rot or wet rot. Both types of wood rot cause damage to timber, but dry rot problems are more difficult to solve.

If you are bothered that your property may be affected by wood rot, no worries, we are here to help you. Get in touch with our experienced and qualified expert team, and allow them to assist you in determining the best course of action to prevent any upcoming damage. Just call us on 0148 436 7130 or click on the contact menu.

Causes of Dry Rot and Wet Rot

  • Water ingress
  • Poor ventilation
  • High relative humidity
  • Faulty roofing and pointing
  • Rainwater penetration to malfunctioning goods of the property like leaking gutters and downpipes.
  • Plumbing problems

The causes of both dry rot and wet rot are similar, although dry rot the more troublesome of the two, as it can spread from the initial affected location and damage other areas of the property.

Wood Rot Treatment

Before planning a suitable wood rot treatment plan, it is important to diagnose the cause of the problem first, whether the property is affected by wet rot or dry rot. Contact our Wet Rot and dry rot experts to survey your property and find out the best course of action to resolve the issue.

After diagnosing and rectifying the source of water ingress, the timber treatment process starts. Our specialists replace affected timbers and treat any timber that can be saved by using fungicide to eradicate future wood rot problems.

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Timber TreatmentTimber Treatment
Timber TreatmentTimber Treatment
Timber TreatmentTimber Treatment
Timber TreatmentTimber Treatment

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