How to find an independent damp surveyor?

How to find an independent damp surveyor? post thumbnail image

Damp is the presence of moisture in the walls, which causes damage to the internal structure of the building.

Nowadays, dampness is a common problem and affects many properties differently—dampness results in difficulties selling your property, where potential buyers and mortgage lenders delay buying it. 

You might need a damp survey carried out on your property for various reasons. You might be the homeowner or landlord wanting to permanently fix that wicked damp issue. Or maybe you purchased a house and are looking to understand the scope of work needed.

You could even be a builder, a real estate agent, or even someone looking to renovate the property – a damp survey is necessary. 

Regardless of your reason for hiring an independent damp surveyor, we acknowledge that finding a reasonable professional with experience is your top priority.

This handy guide will cover all your doubts about the independent damp Surveyor, so you will know what you need to foresee.

What does an independent specialist damp surveyor do? 

What to expect from a survey:

Firstly, the damp surveyor inspects the exterior of your property to check whether there is any dampness and cavity in the walls. The gutters, pipelines, and drains are also investigated to see if any damage occurs. 

Later, the inspection is carried out on the property’s interior walls to check the signs of dampness. They use some damp tools to make an accurate damp diagnosis. 

Your damp surveyor will take pictures of the damp and prepare a detailed report.

The report will include a free quote for the work that must be done to eliminate the problem.

Why should I use an independent damp surveyor?

Damp is a significant problem in your home; if you notice any sign of dampness, then immediately contact a damp surveyor. And they will recommend a suitable treatment plan. 

Damp can cause severe damage to your home and the health of the people living in it. Therefore, it’s essential to get to the root of the problem as soon as possible.

The most common damp problems are rising damp, penetrating damp, and condensation; each needs a different treatment. Identifying your exact situation and understanding how it should be treated will make you stop further damage to the property. 

Do You Need an Independent Damp Survey?

If you notice any amount of damage to your property, then it is time to conduct a thorough damp survey on your property. This helps get to the origin of the problem.

Using special tools, your independent damp surveyor will give you a clearer idea of how it’s affecting the property. This information allows your damp surveyor to recommend suitable treatments for damp problems.

How do I find an independent damp surveyor?

  • It is a tough decision to hire an independent damp surveyor. Make sure that your damp specialist is fully qualified to inspect your property. It would be great if your damp surveyor has a CSTDB or CSRT qualification.
  • Make sure your specialist has an industry-recognized professional certification so that you can trust him with your property. Your damp surveyor will be responsible to give accurate professional advice on dealing with your damp problems.
  • Find a damp surveyor who offers a guarantee for all damp treatments. This is necessary because if any damp treatment fails or is left untreated, it will also affect other areas and make your treatment even more expensive.
  • To check the quality of service the damp specialist provides, check their reviews on google or various other platforms and then hire the one with the most positive reviews. A renowned and skilled damp specialist should be listed on such websites and have positive feedback from their previous customers.

Questions to ask the damp surveyors

After you’ve found a damp proofing surveyor that you’re interested in hiring, here are some questions you should ask them:

  • How many years of experience and qualifications do you have in damp surveying? 
  • Are you a member of PCA? 
  • Can you provide references from previous customers
  • How do you treat rising damp
  • Do you offer a free survey
  • Will walls be made good inside and out?
  • How long will it take to make the report?

How is a damp survey done?

Once you hire a damp surveyor, set a date with them, and they will visit your property. After analyzing the property, they will ask you about your damp problem, like how long it’s been going on and any changes you’ve noticed since it started. If you own the property, you can answer these questions. If you are a tenant or in the process of buying the house then these questions will be asked to the landlord.

When the damp surveyor has gathered all the possible information about the problem, they will start working on the property. Their major focus will be on the areas you have highlighted and evaluate any potential damp issue. The independent surveyor will look for symptoms of dampness, it’s possible causes, and any potential problems that could give rise to further damp in the future.

Fee or free surveys?

damp free

Many damp proofing experts are offering “Free damp Surveys.” Their No-obligation damp proof surveys can be booked anytime that suits you. While you sit back and relax, independent damp experts will do the work for you and provide detailed information about the damp issue and how to resolve it. They will also provide expertly advise with quote and arrange a time to do the work.

A damp survey generally costs between £100-£400 in the UK for a three-bedroom house. Although, the cost varies according to the size and location of the house.

It is your choice what kind of survey you want. A paid survey will be the best choice if you want a detailed one.


A routine check-up of the property can help you keep damp problems away. If any damp problem occurs in the house, then immediate remedial steps should be carried out because delay in these cases can cause more damage.

We recommend hiring a qualified independent damp surveyor like us to survey the property and give transparent and unbiased advice on your damp problems. If you have a damp problem, ask the specialists. Call now for a nuisance-damp survey from the experts. Book damp course Leeds or anywhere in Yorkshire, England.

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