How To Fix Basement Moisture Problems?

How To Fix Basement Moisture Problems? post thumbnail image

Damp or Moist Basements can cause extensive, costly, and harmful damage. If your property contains moisture, a wet basement can be seen right away. Often the moisture is caused by increased humidity in the basement as the waterline slowly creeps up the basement walls. 

It has many irritating symptoms, such as damp ceilings, musty smells, and slimy walls. And, you can’t win the battle until you attack and eradicate the moisture. At least it would help if you started attempting to reduce it. It will happen only when you can address the moisture issue.

Here’s a quick list of a few signs to look for to confirm a damp or moisture in basement

  • Water trickling out of the basement walls
  • Drenched base of concrete walls (a ring of moisture)
  • Condensation on the basement walls and its base
  • Stained or blistering basement walls
  • Moist, Humid Air in the basement apartment
  • Standing water on the basement base
  • Decomposing carpet or wood
  • Rotting columns, headers, and beams
  • Odor of mold or mustiness

Basement Moisture Problems and their Solution

Damp moisture in the basement seems complicated to get rid of, but there are many quick and easy ways to fix these. The second source of moisture indeed appears once you are done with fixing the first one. But, we have got some trustworthy ways to dry out your damp or moist basements. Read on!

Moisture problem due to leaking water inside

In most cases, Internal leaks are often one of the most straightforward problems to deal with among all basement moisture problems.

You need to find leaks in pipes and fix them. You may need to take help from a plumber. If you fix leaking issues correctly, you can erase the problem completely.

Moisture due to groundwater

If the water is seeping from underground, you will have a tough time fixing the moisture issue. In this case, the solution becomes more complicated. We think you may require expert advice here.

Allow us to help you to remove the problem altogether. In many cases, installing a French drain can reduce the water seeping problem. 

This type of drain facilitates a groove that makes contact with the inside of the foundation wall. As a result, seeped water will be accumulated into this trench and exit from the house’s base. Another easy way to handle the problem is to install moisture-proof material in the basement to prevent water from seeping in the basement.

Moreover, you can stack soil around the foundation to reduce moisture in your basement by much, making a slope away from the house. The sloping should be at least 2 inches per foot for around 8 feet.

Moisture problems through plumbing and ventilation

The presence of basement moisture in your property can hamper your sleeping cycle. We can cure the problem by addressing the root cause. That’s why we suggest ordering a no-obligation survey from Damp2dry Solutions to locate the moisture problem.

After knowing the source of moisture or dampness, you can quickly fix the wet problem. For example, your pipe is not well insulated to prevent moisture from condensing and seeping through walls. For eliminating or mitigating moisture, you can use fans to control humidity. 

As a responsible property owner, you should install these fans so that they will discharge the moisture outside. Proper heating and ventilation can also remove moisture from your basement. However, if the problem is too severe, heating and ventilation may not be enough for you.

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Cracks in the foundation

Hydrostatic pressure or water accumulation can cause cracks in the basement. And, it causes basement moisture too. It would help if you fixed the cracks first. There are many reasons for these cracks. For example, maybe the crack is caused by a structural failure.

Surface drain tile can be a good resolution for facilitating hydrostatic pressure if your house is still under construction. Installing a gasket and suitable joints or anchor bolts can close the cracks in many cases. 

If you want to relieve hydrostatic pressure and avert water damage, contact Damp2Dry waterproofing experts in your area and schedule a damp estimate and quote.

The last item: Check the drain pump and peripheral systems

You need to ensure that the drain pump and peripheral systems are working well. Often a door sill drainage system can cause moisture in your basement. You may need to replace them to eradicate moisture issues. From our experience, we have seen placing a filter in the duct can resolve the moisture problems by much.

Using wall and floor waterproofing materials for your building is also a durable solution. Moreover, you can use a dehumidifier to reduce condensation on the walls on summer days. However, it would help seal air leaks and ducts to get good results from a dehumidifier.

Transforming Damp Basements into Dry Havens

The Final Takeaway

These are the most effective ways to fix basement moisture and drive it away from your property. It would be best to get your property inspected by experts to know which method will work best for your home and how to implement it. So, why wait? LET’S TALK and deal with basement moisture together!

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