Prevent Seasonal Damp Problems Emerging in Your Property

Prevent Seasonal Damp Problems Emerging in Your Property post thumbnail image

Why does Damp get much worse in winter? Damp can be a major problem for homeowners. Seasonal damp also creates an environment full of mould and dust mites. These can cause big health problems for residents. This blog helps you prevent seasonal damp problems emerging in your property.

Change is something you can never neglect. Whether you want it or not, it will come and impact your life. Now you see how the temperature has dropped across the UK for the last two weeks. It will continue up to the next few weeks as well.

Along with the weather, your lifestyle also changes. Like you are right now, turning up the thermostat and putting the heating on. Maybe you are preparing for a long cold snap. In simple words, you are ready to embrace the warm and wet change in season. But, is your property ready too?

Are you prepared to prevent seasonal damp problems? If not, then you have come to the right place. We are ready to give you all the wet solutions in one place. Let’s get started!

Recognize the common causes of seasonal damp

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Condensation season shows up when a cold internal wall comes in touch with warm moist air. If your property has inadequate air ventilation, you might face condensation. This is the fundamental reason why condensation occurs.

Even your behavior can contribute to maximum moisture and condensation in your property. Moreover, there are some everyday activities like cooking and showering that you can’t avoid. These release moisture vapor in the atmosphere if there is no way for them to disperse or escape out.

Now, how to prevent seasonal damp problems that come with season change?

The good news is, fighting with condensation is easy. You have to ensure that your home is getting sufficient ventilation. It might seem counterintuitive for you in winter. Still, giving the warm, humid air’ an escape root is essential. You can do it by using an exhaust fan in the bathroom. Your kitchen also can get an extractor fan. These fans and the open windows will pass the hot air out as much as possible.

Other Damp Problems

Well, condensation is the most common damp problem. But, there are other sticky issues as well that are caused by temperature drops. If you find an isolated patch on your wall, it can be the effect of penetrating dampness or water Ingress

Rainwater is the cause of those damp issues. Some building structures have defects, damaged gutters, or rainwater goods. 

Rainwater can penetrate the internal area of a property through these. Burst pipes also let the rainwater make its way into the inner walls of your home.

When rainfall increases and the temperature decreases, rising dampness; becomes a headache for many residents. Sometimes capillary action draws the water held in the ground into a property. It causes rising dampness. Generally, the houses contain a rising damp proof to prevent seasonal damp problems. Still, these get defective from time to time.

Then you might see your walls have cracked or peeled paint and salty stains. A damp remedial proof can be your savior these times.

Best way to prevent seasonal damp problems

damp problems emerging in your property - Damp2Dry

It would help if you took action first. This is most important. If you fail to address a damp problem, it will become more severe. Then the amount of damage and the repairing cost will increase.

The key to a damp solution is finding out and removing the source of the damage first. DIY measures are there to help you in doing these. You can talk to an expert to ensure the origin of the damp issues and their remedy. But remember, just painting over the problem is never a solution.

You might need to replace the plasterwork, while it could bring dry or wet rot with it. That’s why taking professional help is the best move here.

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Are you looking for help?

Have you recognized damp problems in your building? Did your attempted preventative steps fail? Then it’s time to call an expert to damp survey. They will thoroughly investigate and diagnose the reason behind the problems and provide you with practical solutions.

Check out Damp2Dry services to resolve rising damp issues, damp condensation problems, penetrating damp, and more.

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